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Bathroom Fitting Experts in Chelsea

Well-designed and completely functional bathrooms are essential for comfortable living. Bathrooms and kitchens are unlike other rooms in your home. They require more than one utility and have several different installations.

For bathrooms to function completely and effectively, they require a regular supply of hot water, cold water, and electricity. The drainage and sewerage system must be working properly. The sanitary ware, piping, taps, and sinks need to be working and also provide aesthetical value to your bathroom. The tiling in a bathroom can make a huge difference to its aesthetic value. Over time your bathroom may require refurbishment or renovation, or you may feel like your bathroom requires remodelling. Regardless of what is required, our expert team of Bathroom fitters Chelsea can provide you with everything including the following:

  • New and complete bathroom installation.
  • Bathroom refurbishment.
  • Bathroom renovation in Chelsea
  • General repairs & emergency services

Complete Bathroom Installation in Chelsea

Complete bathroom installation involves numerous steps and requires meticulous planning. Our Bathroom Installation in Chelsea services will typically include:

  • Designing the bathroom (position of the doors, windows, sanitary ware, etc.)
  • Plumbing works (Installation of drainage/sewerage system)
  • Electric works (Installation of wiring, sockets, etc.)
  • Installation of floor and wall tiles
  • Installation of sanitary ware and fittings (sinks, taps, piping, bathtub, shower, etc.)
  • Installation of bathroom accessories.
Bathroom Fitters Chelsea

Exemplary Bathroom Refurbishment/Renovation

There are minor differences between renovation and refurbishment. Renovations are usually carried out to repair/replace only what needs to be repaired or replaced. You might be selling your home and you want a quick facelift; you might not have the budget for a complete refurbishment. On the other hand, Bathroom Refurbishment in Chelsea typically involves replacing or even re-designing your existing bathrooms. In either case, our bathroom fitters in Chelsea will perform several services, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Complete or partial removal of all existing installations including tiles, sanitary ware, fixtures, accessories, etc.
  • Repairing and replastering of walls.
  • Rewiring and installation of lighting.
  • Piping replacement, drainage replacement, plumbing work, etc.
  • Fitting bathroom fixtures and furniture.

General and Emergency Bathroom Repairs in Chelsea

We also specialize in providing general bathroom repairs to residents of Chelsea. If you have a leakage problem or any of your fixtures need to be replaced, if you have a heating issue or you have broken tiles, you can avail of our services for regular Bathroom Maintenance in Chelsea. Our expert plumbers and electricians are also available twenty-four seven for any emergency repairs which you may require. General or emergency repairs may be required for several issues including:

  • Water or gas leakage
  • Broken or inoperational sanitary ware
  • Blocked showerheads
  • Inadequate water pressure.
  • Inadequate heating.
  • Blocked drainage system.

An in-House Team of Licensed Professionals

We have all the technicians and experts which you may require, available under one roof. Our team comprises civil engineers, architects, plumbers, designers, tilers, and other technicians. All our plumbers are gas safe registered to provide you with the safe and reliable installation of all gas appliances as well as repairs. Our architects and designers produce the best bathroom designs in Chelsea. Our electricians are NICEIC certified and can handle all electrical repairs and installation.

Untroubled Services

  • When it comes to the cost of Bathroom Fitters Chelsea, we offer the most affordable rates.
  • Our diverse team can provide you with all the necessary services required for complete installation or repairs.
  • Our emergency services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • When you hire us, you can be sure that you have hired authorized and qualified professionals.
  • We offer the best quality supplies and installations, many of which come with warranties.

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