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We are a company that focuses on projects related to Project Management, Architecture, Repairs, and built-in furniture. JP Construction London aims to integrate and embrace all the expertise and experience of all our qualified Chelsea Builders and hardworking staff to provide the best possible performance by providing the following services to all of our clients and customers.

Constructing a Building

JP Construction is one of the most respected Construction Companies in Chelsea. We have received this honor for the high and long-lasting structures that we have developed over the years. One of the secrets of our success is our ability to understand the needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, therefore, we strive to ensure that all of our customer information is available. We have effective project management to ensure that all buildings and projects follow the timetable and therefore all our projects are completed on time.

We offer a variety of properties according to the given definition. Some of our activities include:

  • Construction of bungalows
  • Housing
  • Construction of factories
  • Construction of shopping malls
  • Housing development
  • Any other structural work depending on the need of the client

We can use any layout design provided to the client. Our designers offer excellent and new designs. So we can get a detailed description of what the client wants, do a building design and build it.


We also aim to provide the right repair services, thereby renovating your furniture and interior using all of our technology and technical skills. We have extended our renewal services to the categories that are shown below:

  • Housing Renovations
  • Bungalow Renovations
  • Store renovation
  • Revitalization of retail store
  • Factory repairs
  • Repair of storage
  • Repair of supermarkets
  • Restaurant renovations
  • Renovation of car parks/service center
  • Internal construction service
  • School / college renovations
  • Hotel renovations
  • Bank restructuring
  • Office renovations
  • Drawing service
  • Carpentry service


Our project management services ensure that it updates all the work we do for all our people and clients. The project management services we provide include functions such as review of all work drawings and specifications, approval of all building materials, supervision of the work performed by our team, and timely inspection in the workplace to ensure that all our activities and services are carried out accordingly

Our facilities are made by a team of skilled construction professionals who are highly trained under the guidance of certified engineers. Our technician has a variety of skills including foundation, early construction services, construction services, community works, infrastructure, interior construction among other skills. Our employees are amongst the one who knows the basic values, some of which are honest and accountable. These core values give our employees a sense of responsibility and drive.

Successful construction requires the use of machinery. We understand this and have state-of-the-art equipment to assist in the construction of any building. Some of these include long forms and shoring, excavation materials among other important construction equipment. These machines help us to successfully track our timeline and complete all the structures and keep the entire building on time.

Office Furniture:

Our services for built-in furniture for your home or workspace are not limited to the latest trends in furniture, but the same applies to all levels of height depending on their quality and overall performance. We offer consultation and offer all kinds of solutions in the best suit for your entire home and office needs. From providing the Presidential Spectacular office to the various Executive stations and furniture for your homes - we serve everything according to the needs and preferences of all our customers.


We, Chelsea Builders can help you find the right square drawings needed to run your business. We also assist you with evaluating the spaces you are considering to rent or purchasing your business. Our space management function ensures that we provide you with the best advice.


One of the best things we have done together is to adapt to the budget. The services we provide are not built on a specific set of budgets so we can be flexible enough to work on all types of budgets, big or small. We also help you determine the right construction budget and renovation services. We work on all types of budgets for every construction design and map.


We are a team of professional, skilled, and well-trained staff who work consistently for our existing clients to the best of their ability. We are always ready to pick up after-sales service anytime and anywhere our customers need. We try our best to provide the best customer services and our expert and experienced staff takes good care of all the works. And we would be glad if you would choose our services and we won,t disappoint you.