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You can never go wrong with a house extension. House extension can be a very valuable addition to your home. House extensions in Clapham can add not only space but also add to the value of your property.

If you have space issues in your current property. it is better to have house extension Clapham services and extend your house for more living space than moving to a new house. following are the reasons you should go for a house extension

Increases the value of your property

Recent research has found out that house extension Clapham will increase the price of your house to nearly 25%.

Increase the living space

One most important benefit of having house extensions is that it will increase the space for you. if you want to have an extra room, turn it into a sitting room, library, office, or extra space for your studio. You can fulfil your desire with our house extensions Clapham services. no matter how small is the space, we will execute your plans and turn them accordingly.

No regulations

Our house extensions Clapham team will make sure that your house extension plans fall under the permitted development rights. So, our Home extensions Clapham will not require you to have planning permissions. This can only be possible with professional advice to tell you whether your extension plan can be brought to life according to the permitted development rules. In some cases, you might need planning permissions, our house extensions Clapham will help you in seeking it.

Use the outdoor space to its full potential

In Clapham people generally have large outdoor spaces and gardens. You can make the most out of your free outdoor space by having Home extensions in Clapham services. it will smartly increase the space in your home while making little to no change in the exterior design of your home. Our house extensions Clapham team is experienced to match the house extension with the material of your house. so, no one will know that you have extended your house.

Kitchen extension

Kitchens are the space where people socialise the most. Whenever there is a family gathering during holidays. your kitchen can get crowded. And it can make the situation awkward if you keep climbing over each other. Instead of this bizarre situation, you can extend your kitchen into the garden and can have a larger space for your family to gather around and spend quality time.

House Extensions Clapham

A change can freshen up things

Sometimes a homeowner can want to give a fresh start to his life. maybe he is trying to change things a bit. Instead of moving to a completely new house, you can make alterations to your existing home. Then a house extension in Clapham is the best option for you. you can add a new corner to your home or a new room that can help you take a fresh start.

Why should you hire us?

We offer a house extension cost that is the most affordable in town. our company has years of experience in the field and they are trained to do the home extension quickly without unnecessary delays. So, the overall duration of the house extension services will decrease. Which will ultimately decrease the cost of the services. moreover, our duration of the house extension is lesser than the others.

Our team offers you top-quality house extension services. it is durable and will not be affected by harsh weather conditions. Our house extension Clapham services providers are trained to cater to your needs and requirements. We offer bespoke house extensions so you can give life to the house of your dreams.

Contact us to discuss what kind of house extension you want and also get an estimate about the costs.