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Loft Conversions-a Perfect Solution for Your Spacing Problem

A house is supposed to provide you with comfort and space. Over time however because for several reasons you may need additional space. Your family might have grown in size or you may want extra room for a hobby or your work. When faced with such a need, you have several options to address it.

  • Move to a bigger and new house
  • Carry out house extension
  • Get a loft conversion

All three options are doable, however, the last one is the most affordable among them. Moving to a new home can be highly costly, full of stress, and time taking. You will also lose the neighbourhood you have been living in for years. House extensions are an effective way of adding space but they also cost more than loft conversions. We provide the best Loft Conversions in Fulham. 

Benefits of Loft Conversion

  • Less costly than any other way of increasing living space.
  • Many types do not require planning permission approval.
  • Involves less hassle and stress
  • Adds aesthetic and real estate value to your property.
  • Adds little to considerable space.

Best Time for Loft Conversions

The British government has recently relaxed permitted development rights. This has made loft conversions easier and many property owners are opting for it for increasing space or estate value. This is the right time for you to get a loft conversion.

Types of Conversions

The most common types of conversions and the ones we provide include:

  • Rooflight Conversion:

Involves making your current loft useable by adding flooring, utilities (electrical, plumbing, etc.) roof light windows, and a staircase. It is the least costly among all conversions and also takes the least amount of time. This conversion also doesn’t require planning permission.

Loft Conversions Fulham

  • Mansard/Double Mansard Conversion:

Existing roofs are altered to make them look almost vertical, typically at an angle of 72 degrees. Adds almost a new floor to your home. Double mansard conversions can also be carried out at the front and the sides of your home. These conversions add the largest space, cost more than other conversions, and take more time. They typically require planning permission approval.

  • Hip to Gable:

Highly suitable for detached/semi-detached houses. The hipped end of the roof is straightened and vertical/gable walls are created, providing sufficient headroom and space. Standard windows are used for sunlight. They may or may not require planning permission depending on your area.

  • Dormer Conversion:

Simple to carry out and highly affordable. This conversion provides you with a box structure having flat ceilings and walls. In most cases, Dormer Loft conversions Fulham does not require planning permission.

Regardless of which one you choose; our loft conversion specialists Fulham can provide you with it.

Bespoke Loft Designing

Our loft conversions Fulham services include custom designing for your lofts. Once we identify the most suitable type of conversion for your home, you can share your ideas with us. Whether you want to add a bedroom, kid's room, bathroom, storage room, or any other kind of room, we will provide you with bespoke customization.

Installation of Utilities

Our in-house team will not only provide you with loft extension Fulham but also the installation of all the necessary utilities. So, our in-house team comprises painters, cleaners, flooring installers, etc. By hiring us you can get all the services under one roof.

What Sets Our Loft Conversion Specialists Fulham Team Apart from the Rest?

Our Company offers:

  • In house team of architects, designers, plumbers, technicians, etc. to provide you with all the required services.
  • Lowest cost of loft conversion Fulham in the market.
  • Seeking approval for planning permission and building regulations is our responsibility.
  • The lowest completion time ranges from 10 to 14 weeks depending on the type of conversion.

Want to know if your house is suitable for a loft conversion? Would you require planning permission? contact us for answering all these questions and for the most reasonable cost of loft conversion Fulham.