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Plumbing services are required by every other household and business. Plumbing systems and installations can also be considered one of the major requirements of any property. Everyone needs hot and cold water; everyone needs to use the bathroom. Heating is required during the winters. Proper drainage and sanitation are essential for a healthy environment. Gas appliances, kitchen appliances, bathroom installations, gas supply, water supply, and many others rely on an efficient plumbing network. We make sure that your entire plumbing network operates smoothly so that you do not have to face any discomfort. Some of our plumbing services in Chelsea include:

  • Complete bathroom installation, repairs, and replacements.
  • Complete kitchen installation, repairs, and replacements.
  • Gas boiler installation, repairs, and general servicing.
  • Repair/replacement of drainage systems.
  • Installation and repair of central heating systems.
  • Emergency repairs
  • Inspection and issuance of Landlord gas safety certificate.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Installing, repairing, and replacing gas installations such as appliances and supplies require engineers to be registered as gas safe. This is done to ensure the safety of the occupants of any property. Dealing with gas can be dangerous, and unskilled people should not handle either natural gas or carbon dioxide. Both these gasses are toxic, and exposure to them can be fatal. Furthermore, natural gas is also highly flammable and can result in a fire hazard. Because of these reasons, only gas-safe registered engineers or plumbing company Chelsea are authorised to provide these surfaces. All our engineers are registered as gas safe and will provide you with reliable services.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and Inspections

To mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide and natural gas, it is a statutory requirement for every landlord to carry out an annual inspection of all gas appliances and provide a certificate to this effect. This service can only be provided by gas-safe registered engineers. It is an effective practice for ensuring the safety of your occupants. Our local plumber Chelsea has completed numerous such inspections to the complete satisfaction of our customers and the relevant authorities.

Installation of Gas Boilers, General Servicing, and Repairs

Whether you choose a combi-boiler, a system boiler, or a conventional one, our experts can provide you with any installation. We can also provide you with any repair services which your boiler may require. Our gas safe engineers also offer general servicing for gas boilers to keep them in perfect condition. If your boiler display is showing an error code, you hear a knocking sound, or you face reduced water pressure, get in touch with us because we provide reliable repair services for gas boilers.

Plumbing Services Chelsea

Complete Bathroom Installations and Repairs

We also provide complete bathroom installations, from installing piping, valves, taps, sinks, drainage etc., to installing luxury wares. Our complete bathroom package also includes the installation of tiles and bathroom accessories. If you are looking for any repair/replacement services for individual installations, we provide them too. Whether it's a blocked showerhead or a leaky pipe, our engineers can provide you with quick and efficient repairs at an affordable cost.

Complete Kitchen Installations and Repairs

Our complete kitchen installation service includes the installation of piping, tiles, taps, sinks, ovens, ventilation systems, gas appliances, etc. If any of these items need to be replaced or repaired, all you have to do is call us. We can replace/repair individual items, be it a tap or a countertop.

Installation and Inspection of Drainage Systems

Our plumbing services in Chelsea also include the installation of drainage systems for your entire home. Effective drainage is extremely important for any house to function properly. We also conduct drainage inspections and repairs, including the removal of blockage.

24-Hour Emergency Services

We have a dedicated team for providing emergency services around the clock. For all those plumbing issues that cannot wait, our engineers are always ready. Whether it is gas leakage, boiler error codes, burst pipes, or any other problem that needs an immediate response, you can rely on our emergency plumber Chelsea.

Why Should You Call Us?

  • Host of plumbing services available under one roof.
  • Licensed and gas-safe registered engineers.
  • 24-hour emergency plumbing services are available at one call.
  • Complete installation packages at affordable prices.
  • Hi-tech repair, installation, and inspection equipment.