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There is no need to think twice while hiring JP Construction Company for Roofing service. We have a team of professional experts that are well known for their work and provides the best and amazing roofing service in London. Are you looking for a roofing service in Chelsea then don’t worry JP construction is offering the best Roofing Chelsea service. So, why are you waiting just make us call or contact us through the online site and our customer service will be very pleased to serve you with the information regarding JP construction. JP construction offering free consultation so you can easily consultant about the roof you want for your home. Roofing Chelsea service at JP construction provides you benefits that include:

  • Experienced consultation.
  • Quality material.
  • Legal contract and no extra charges.
  • Time-efficient

Roofing Chelsea service divides into the following service so you can avail of the best one for you

Single Ply Roofing:

Single Ply material is remarkable among other material cycles. Single Ply material is created by using strong and versatile produced polymer. Single Ply Roofing is fixed at the joint and this makes it waterproof material. The single-utilized material is strong and strong material for your business and neighbourhood areas. There are different sorts of layers used in Single handle material joins Chlorinate Polythene, Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, FPO – Flexible Polyolefin, PVC, TPE, Polyisobutylene and VET.

Flat Roofing:

A flat rooftop is a roof that is for all intents and purposes level instead of the various sorts of slanted roofs. The inclination of a housetop is suitably known as its pitch and level roofs have up to generally 10°. Flat housetops are an out of date structure commonly used in completely dry conditions and license the roof space to be used as a living space or a living roof The material used in changed bitumen, Built-up housetops, EPDM flexible, single play (PVC, TPO), Spray polyurethane foam, and fibreglass material is significant in building level roofs.

Single Skin Roofing:

Single Skin material is contained single metal sheets which are at present available in different tones. This kind of material is generally loved in slanting regions of constructions are houses. There are two kinds of skin material one is shallow profile liner and the other one is the shallow layered liner. Single skin material is suffering material and gives your assurance too. They are not impacted by any normal changes for instance parasite, development or deluge. Single skin material is strong and reliable. They are as of now available in different tones according to your hankering and solicitation.


Guttering is a cycle that familiarizes with safeguard your rooftops from damage. It is something little box and the justification for this structure is to assemble and exhaust the water of deluge away from the house or attempting to safeguard them from any pungency and damage. Channels are made using PVC, polythene plastics or metal. The guttering structure is a trustworthy cycle and simply requires little upkeep consolidates the cleaning of the waterway using a scrapper

Repairing Service:

The Roofing Service give you the workplace of fixing your rooftops and spillage of trenches. They will send you capable and certified trained professionals and they will find the origination of the issue and guarantees that you will not arrange with any issue in future after the fix.

Bay windows:

You need to add a dazzling look to your home and working by then channel window is moreover one of the material assistance which adds class to the house or building look. What is a bay window? Bay window is a movement of window shaping sound in the room and projecting outwards the divider. Straight windows are ordinarily in bend formed, polygonal shape or are rectangular. This kind of windows is made of Aluminum or UPVC. The channel window foundation is monetarily adroit, gives more space and expands the worth of your space. Narrows windows prompt your room more to enlighten as they are tremendous glass windows and allows more sunshine to get your room. Sound window plans add space to your room which you arranged or expressive subject according to your courses of action and used the inlet window zone for seating or scrutinizing.